EcoSystems Grout and 1/2″ Brown River Rock

The homeowners contracted EastWest Pavers to install this walkway because they wanted an Eco Friendly application that allowed any rain water to absorb back into the ground to eventually recharge the aquifer.  They also wanted a look that was not already prevalent at their new house in Windermere, FL.  Their look consisted of reclaimed red brick, natural wall stone as well as honed and chiselled travertine on the pool deck and walkways.  The borders were previously installed on a minimal concrete footer to hold it in place.  The interior areas of the border were lined with filter fabric to keep the dirt from mixing with the gravel.  A recycled crushed concrete was used as a compactable base and is permeable.

The job showcases EcoSystems Grout when used with a 1/2″ Brown River Rock aggregate from Conrad Yelvington. The aggregate kit was used for the installation because it does not contain the foaming agent that is necessary when mixing the grout with sand.  The sand kits were engineered for use on Cobble Systems Concrete Pavers, as the joint grouting material.  EcoSystems Grout used with gravels or sand can also be used in a variety of hardscaping installations such as flagstone, concrete pavers, brick joints and almost anything a creative mind can think of.

The gravel was washed well and allowed to dry.  Then approximately 100 pounds of rock was mixed with one kit of EcoSystems Grout for 3-4 minuted before being poured onto the ground, spread evenly and smacked down with a flat trowel.  Smacking the gravel down helps give the walkway more surface area for traction and pushes any sharp edges or loose pieces into a smoother finish.

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